For fox sake – mug, white, 250 ml

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The ceramic mug with a fox print is popular with everyone who sometimes grows over his head at work. It is so big that the stress subsides before you drink the last drop of tea. Enjoy a break with your favorite drink, throw everything behind your head for a while and you will have a better day.

It doesn’t matter if tea, coffee or hot chocolate work best to calm your nerves, a fox can withstand everything, including your babbling. Inhale. Exhale. Whatever went wrong, it’s sure to get it right again.

And it doesn’t have to stay with just this mug. In the Bidding Fox collection, we also have great pieces for fans of cult sci-fi movie lines.

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The mug is white, volume 250 ml, and of high quality. The print is full-color from the edition by guys and girls from the Bidding Fox team. 🦊 The fox in the picture will please a pretty marguerite and a male marguerite. And animal lovers, of course 🙂

The quote For fox sake probably doesn’t need to be explained, especially when you look at the fox’s expression.

This mug is an exclusive, nicely crafted gift that you just won’t find 🙂

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250 ml

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Bidding Fox

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